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April 20, 2018Knowledge Portal
From open weather data to accessible weather information services for smallholder farmers

This policy brief outlines the importance and benefits that can be derived from weather data in agriculture and nutrition, the challenges in the weather data value chain and recommendations to address these challenges. »

March 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
Global food policy report 2018

The global food policy report of IFPRI is a reoccurring publication providing a synthesis of all major developments regarding food policy. The report reviews the major food policy issues of 2017 and presents a critical analysis on global food systems under current radical changes. »

December 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Donor open data policy and practice: An analysis of five agriculture programmes

This report shows results of a review of policy and data quality in five jointly funded agriculture programs in order to identify the opportunities for agriculture donors to align their approaches.┬áThis research aims to understand the opportunities for donors to make open data implementation more efficient and streamlined for their implementing research partners. »

April 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
Open data benefits for agriculture and nutrition

This issue of ICT Update portrays how GODAN and other stakeholders are creating a global open data movement in agriculture and nutrition from the perspectives of its users by showcasing some of the best practices and the most common challenges in this field. There is a lot potential, but lack of reliable and contextualised data is currently working against smallholder farmers. »

January 4, 2017Knowledge Portal
Land debate on open data and land governance

This report by Land Portal summarizes the main themes on potential impacts and challenges in opening land data for land governance. Across most contexts, government data sources on land are largely inaccessible, from land administration data, such as parcel data and ownership information to land investments, contract data and even policy information. However, with an ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, there is an increasing need to pool data resources toward solving global challenges »

December 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Building agricultural networks of farmers and scientists via mobile phones: case study of banana disease surveillance in Uganda

This article in the Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology highlights an important challenge that is threatening agriculture in Africa: the difficulty in collecting timely data on disease spread and effectiveness of on-farm control methods. This study served as a case study for assessing the viability of a participatory GIS (Geographic Information System) to enable a plant diagnostics network with fieldworkers. »