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agricultural research for development

August 8, 2018Knowledge Portal
Facilitating change for climate-smart agriculture through science-policy engagement

This paper aims to answer the question: in the context of achieving climate change and food security goals, what are the success factors for science-policy engagement in agricultural research for development (AR4D) in relation to climate-smart agriculture (CSA), to inform policies and realize development outcomes. »

July 27, 2018Knowledge Portal
Innovation platforms in agricultural research for development

This article describes when and for what purpose innovation platforms provide an appropriate mechanism for achieving development outcomes, and what kinds of resource investments and enabling environments are required. The study provides a decision support tool for research, development and funding agencies. »

Strategic partnership between the CGIAR and the Netherlands well on track
July 4, 2018Knowledge activity
Strategic partnership between the CGIAR and the Netherlands well on track

Increasing the contribution of agriculture to nutrition and health, creating and implementing policy frameworks for sustainable agro-value chains and developing tools for climate smart agriculture are key achievements of CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). This work receives support from the Netherlands, as part of the NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership. After 2.5 years of the partnership agreement, a planning and evaluation meeting with 35 participants and a Meet & Greet with additional ministry invitees, took place on June 21, 2018 in The Hague. »

February 28, 2018Knowledge Portal
Food and agricultural innovation pathways for prosperity

This paper characterizes concisely the vast inter-related literature on agriculture research for development context, mechanisms, and impacts as a framework and foundation for the expert assessments of specific mechanisms. »

November 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Climate-smart agriculture technologies in West Africa: learning from the ground AR4D experiences

This thematic series contains seven papers based on participatory action research in West-Africa. This research aimed to test and validate scalable climate-smart village models for agricultural development that integrate a range of innovative agricultural risk management strategies. »

The what’s, where’s and how’s of Agricultural Innovation Platforms
June 28, 2017Expert opinion
The what’s, where’s and how’s of Agricultural Innovation Platforms

Marc Schut from the CGIAR International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Wageningen University recently published a book with Guidelines for Innovation Platforms. In his blog he highlights the need to think more critically about when, how and in what form Innovation Platforms can meaningfully contribute to agricultural development impacts. »