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yield gap

February 15, 2016Knowledge Portal
Drivers of household food availability in sub-Saharan Africa based on big data from small farms

The analysis in this article uncovers the drivers for the variation in household food availability in sub-Saharan Africa. It suggest that targeting poverty through improving market access and off-farm opportunities is a better strategy to increase food security than focusing on agricultural production and closing the yield gaps. The analysis builds on data from 93 sites in 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, across contrasting agro-ecologies and calculated a simple indicator of food availability. »

May 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Diversification practices reduce organic to conventional yield gap

This article by a group of researchers, published in Proceedings B by Royal Society, compares organic and conventional yields by using a new meta-dataset and a new hierarchical analytical framework that can better account for the heterogeneity and structure in the data. Their main finding is that organic yields are only 19.2% (±3.7%) lower than »