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urbanization and FNS

September 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Urbanisation and food insecurity risks: Assessing the role of human development

This article elaborates on the linkages between urban growth, food insecurity and levels of human development. It uses statistical modelling to analyse this. So far, there have not been systematic analyses on how urbanisation affects contemporary food insecurity risks or how these potential risks are likely to be mitigated by increases in human development. »

June 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Urban agriculture and food security in developing countries: a case study of Eldoret Municipality, Kenya

This article in the European Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, investigates the contribution of Urban Agriculture to the food security of residents of Eldoret Municipality, Kenya with the aim of laying the foundation for future policy formulation for Urban Agriculture in Kenya. In the case of Eldoret Municipality, Urban Agriculture is seen to play important roles, including the provision of better nutrition, poverty alleviation, employment creation and environmental conservation. »