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sustainable food production

February 1, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food in the anthropocene: The EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems

In this article the EAT-Lancet Commission developed global scientific targets based on the best evidence available for healthy diets and sustainable food production. A universal healthy reference diet was developed to provide a basis for estimating the health and environmental effects of adopting an alternative diet. Scientific targets for the safe operating space of food systems were established for six key Earth system processes. An opportunity exists to integrate food systems into international, national, and business policy frameworks aiming for improved human health and environmental sustainability. »

May 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
TechnoServe initiative for inclusive agricultural business models

This publication shows four case studies of large and influential food companies and agribusinesses scale inclusive business models. They show the intersection of multinational corporations and sustainable smallholder production. These projects span a broad variety of contexts: from sustainable mango production in India by the Coca-Cola Company to local rice and date sourcing in Egypt by the Kellogg Company. »

ARCH Report
November 1, 2016Knowledge activity
ARCH Report “Consumers and Global Food Systems”
Theme: Food Systems Approach

The main objective of this Pre-event was to highlight the increasingly international dimension of food systems and the need to include the perspectives of consumers in Europe and outside Europe, and to strengthen their involvement in research and innovation. The event was organized to contribute to the broader FOOD 2030 High Level Conference held in Brussels on October 12-13, 2016. »

March 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Keys to transition to agroecology

This book written by Jelleke de Nooy van Tol discusses how we can support and accelerate the transition to agro-ecology practices worldwide. Lessons learned from the frontrunners show that personal leadership and individual action are utmost important. De Nooy van Tol emphasizes that knowledge systems need to change, since now they are too tightly knit to industrial agriculture, and monoculture production systems. New thinking in agricultural research for development is needed to facilitate change instead of providing “objective” knowledge. »

February 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
Promoting local foods in small island states: examining the willingness-to-pay of consumers

This article examines the willingness-to-pay of consumers on small island states for locally produced and organic food products. To attain food security, successful production in agriculture is key. The authors argue that to this end, strategies are needed that tackle agricultural development through the production and consumption of sustainable food products. »

Investing sustainably in food security: The water-energy–food nexus
November 4, 2015Expert opinion
Investing sustainably in food security: The water-energy–food nexus

This FAO article focuses on the role of the water-food-energy nexus approach in designing and implementing sustainable investments. It is part of a series of articles earlier published by The Broker, think net on globalization and development. »