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seed breeding

June 22, 2020Knowledge Portal
Netherlands-India Agri Collaboration: Climate smart agriculture innovations mission

This webinar series on climate smart agriculture innovation aims to explore, identify and encourage research and development collaboration between Dutch and Indian partners. The first three webinars focus on breeding, remote sensing, and water and soil. »

July 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
Identifying options for the development of sustainable seed systems: Insights from Kenya and Mali

This working paper aims to propose an agenda for supporting sustainable development of seed systems in two sub-Saharan countries, Kenya and Mali, based on the experiences and insight of seed system actors who contribute to various functions and operate at different scales. »

March 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
Farmers gain access to and control over seeds

This journal is a special edition centred around the question: How do small-scale farmers from Africa and Asia come upon good quality seeds, and what problems do they face in the process. Policymakers, development workers, farmers and private companies are consulted to answer this question. »

January 24, 2018Knowledge Portal
Towards a flexible plant breeders’ rights system in Kenya

This PhD dissertation is a study of the relationship between plant breeders’ rights on the one hand and access to seed and planting material  for smallholder farmers in Kenya on the other hand. Access to seeds invariably affects food availability and security and ultimately, the right to food. »

June 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
The contribution of international vegetable breeding to private seed companies in India

This article explores the role of international agricultural research when research and development have shifted to the private sector. Results show that as the role of the private sector in vegetable breeding increased, and with it the share of hybrids in the market, the role of international agricultural research shifted from the provision of ready-made varieties to the provision of specific resistance traits. »

May 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
From awareness to action: Knowledge sharing for more gender-responsive animal and plant breeding

This action plan brief illustrates the type of strategic knowledge sharing in gender research, with the example of the integration of gender into animal and plant breeding. Many breeders in CGIAR are aware of how gender differences can influence variety adoption and the impact of plant and animal breeding programs. »