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February 3, 2020Knowledge Portal
Incentivizing food systems transformation

This report outlines four pathways for creating the right incentives to transform food systems. Incentivizing food systems transformation will not be straightforward and will require substantial investments and efforts to manage complexities and trade-offs. In addition, incentive mechanisms in food systems will have a greater impact if they are complemented by incentives from other sectors. »

Dairy Development in emerging economies: A motor for sustainable and healthy growth?
December 12, 2019Knowledge activity
Dairy Development in emerging economies: A motor for sustainable and healthy growth?

Dairy Development and intensification contributes to healthy food, gainful employment and sustaining the agro-ecological base, stated Jan van der Lee during his key note speech at the Dairy event in Veenendaal on November 27. A total of 89 participants joined the workshop on “Dairy Development in emerging economies: A motor for sustainable and healthy growth?” to discuss needs, challenges and opportunities of dairy development in emerging economies. The input gathered during the meeting will enrich the draft Dairy Discussion paper and the proposed Dutch agenda for dairy and development. »

December 3, 2019Knowledge Portal
Conference report: Monitoring and evaluation for inclusive and sustainable food systems

This conference report shares key insighs from a conference that aimed to seek clarity in the role that monitoring and evaluation (M&E) can play in informing and supporting transformation towards inclusive and sustainable food systems for healthy diets. M&E can generate information to help understand food systems (starting from consumption) and identify tradeoffs in order to support decision-making. M&E can build on and complement existing food systems frameworks. »

November 5, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food systems at risk: New trends and challenges

This report examined the most up-to-date scientific assessment of the danger humanity faces if present trends continue, with priority being given to food systems in low and middle income countries (LMIC). The potential severity of the combinations of risks to which LMIC food systems are exposed requires a change in their transformation pattern. Since food systems face locally specific combinations of risks, they als have to meet locally specific objectives. »

Dairy, the motor for healthy growth
September 17, 2019Knowledge activity
Dairy, the motor for healthy growth

The annual African Dairy Conference & Exhibition (AfDa) is the key event for the dairy industry in East Africa. The day before this event, a coalition of NEADAP, AgriProFocus, 3R and F&BKP co-organized a joint knowledge sharing event “Dairy, the motor for healthy growth”. To prepare this meeting they held “Dairy dialogues” in four countries. During the AfDa expo, they invited other Dutch actors to their “Dairy knowledge corner”. »

March 7, 2019Knowledge Portal
Characterizing diversity of food systems in view of sustainability transitions: Review

This paper presents a framework to characterize the diversity of existing food systems and classify the food systems in terms of their support by mainstream practices. Results of the framework can be used to focus attention on functioning of the food system components and reveal main barriers and promising elements, and can be used in the exploration of potential transition pathways of food systems. »