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July 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Scaling up Regreening: Six steps to success: A practical approach to forest and landscape restoration

This report by the World Resources Institute sets out a six-step framework for scaling up regreening, each step accompanied by a list of practical, on-the-ground activities to guide development practitioners and regreening advocates. Regreening occurs at the landscape level through a variety of agroforestry and sustainable land management practices. »

June 24, 2015Knowledge Portal
Scaling up dissemination and adoption of agricultural technologies using innovation platforms—lessons from Eastern and Central Africa

This publication (PDF) by the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) and partners, aims to contribution to the growing body of knowledge on the application of innovation platforms and value chain framework in agricultural research for development in the region. The book provides practical experiences, lessons learned and guiding principles »

May 18, 2015Knowledge Portal
Sustainable sector transformation: How to drive sustainability performance in smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors?

This paper by Aidenvironment, NewForesight and IIED presents a sustainable sector transformation model for smallholder dominated agricultural commodity sectors which takes a holistic approach to transformation. It begins with an explanation of some of the dynamics of sector transformation. It then presents the limits of purely public or market-driven models, before finally presenting the five building blocks that make up the model. »

May 18, 2015Knowledge Portal
The role of voluntary sustainability standards in scaling up sustainability in smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors

This paper (PDF) by Aidenvironment, NewForesight and IIED presents the value proposition of voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) and the challenges they face in obtaining scale and impact in sectors dominated by unorganized smallholders. It explores their potential role in scaling sustainability within a more holistic sector transformation model. »

April 28, 2015Knowledge Portal
How can Danone Ecosystem sustainable sourcing innovation be scaled up?

This issue of the Down to Earth blog of Danone is about sustainable sourcing by preserving natural resources, strengthening the company’s stakeholders and global ecosystems, and ensuring that it is still able to accomplish its mission in the most sustainable way possible in the future. To reflect on these issues, Danoners and stakeholders gathered for »

April 20, 2015Knowledge Portal
Blowing the seeds of innovation: How scaling unfolds in innovation processes towards food security and sustainable agriculture

This policy brief (PDF) by WUR presents a summary of the results of a two year strategic research project ‘Innovation systems and scaling in practice’. This project was executed by Wageningen UR as part of the Knowledge Base research programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The booklet highlights three case studies from different countries. »