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Thirteen new YEP vacancies, 5 in YEP Agrofood
November 4, 2019News
Thirteen new YEP vacancies, 5 in YEP Agrofood

Young Expert Programmes (YEP) is looking for Dutch candidates for thirteen new YEP positions. Main goal of YEP Agrofood, YEP Water and YEP Energy is to offer young professionals the opportunity to kickstart their international career supported by training, coaching and mentoring. Of the current vacancies, five are in YEP Agrofood, in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia. Application for this batch #19 is open until November 13, 2019. »

October 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Transaction costs, land rental markets, and their impact on youth access to agriculture in Tanzania

This study estimates the extent to which land rental markets provide a pathway for youth to enter into agriculture, and how transaction costs may impede youth access to renting land. The article provides evidence that, while rental markets are important avenues for the acquisition of farmland by young farmers, the transaction costs faced by younger farmers attempting to access land rental markets appear to be higher than those faced by older farmers. »

August 6, 2019Knowledge Portal
2019 Rural Development Report: Creating opportunities for rural youth

This report attempts to inform policies, programmes, and investments to promote a rural transformation that is inclusive of rural youth. Rural youth development is powered by improvements in three mutually-reinforcing factors: productivity, connectivity and agency. To improve opportunities for rural youth policies and investments have to be integrated into national and local strategies, policies and programmes. »

Embeddeness in Context: reflecting on the “enabling” environment for youth agripreneurship
May 7, 2019Expert opinion
Embeddeness in Context: reflecting on the “enabling” environment for youth agripreneurship
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

Entrepreneurship in agriculture is often touted as one of the innovative approaches to addressing poverty and food insecurity in developing and emerging economies. It is also considered a means out of unemployment for the rapidly increasing youth population in many developing economies. The challenge for entrepreneurs in agriculture, or “agripreneurs”, is to innovate and spawn ideas and approaches to spur on agricultural production to meet future demand; this challenge is particularly targeted at unemployed youth, who are expected to rise to the challenge not only of farming, but of being entrepreneurial. »

October 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
Gendered aspirations and occupations among rural youth, in agriculture and beyond: A cross-regional perspective

This paper explores rural young women’s and men’s occupational aspirations and trajectories in India, Mali, Malawi, Morocco, Mexico, Nigeria and the Philippines. Rural youth predominantly aspires formal blue and white-collar jobs. Some young men aspired to engage in agriculture, young women did not due to gender norms. »

August 21, 2018Knowledge Portal
How digital apps and services are boosting rural youth employment

In this blog by FAO, several digitial innovations examples are mentioned that are stimulating youth back to agriculture. There are already new ways of working in agriculture that harnesses digital and technological innovations, rendering it more efficient and, not as a small byproduct, providing new opportunities and services for young entrepreneurs. »