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rural livelihoods

July 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Improving the positive impacts of investments on smallholder livelihoods and the landscapes they live in

This working paper aims to to stimulate debate on how to improve positive impacts from investments on smallholder livelihoods and to move from ‘do no harm’ risk mitigation approach towards a ‘do good’ impact approach. Aimed primarily at investors, in just 15 pages it highlights how to work profitably and equitably with smallholders, and how to promote better land governance and livelihoods. »

May 22, 2017Knowledge Portal
Understanding changing land access and use by the rural poor in Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal and Uganda

The IIED recently published four similar research reports on land issues, access to land and land use by the rural poor in Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal, and Uganda. In all countries the acquisition of land by new actors, both government and business, puts pressure or rural lands and their communities. Current land governance systems are often not sufficient to deal with this rapid change. »

February 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Factors influencing nutritional adequacy among rural households in Nigeria: How does dietary diversity stand among influencers?

This artice examined the influence of food consumption diversity on adequate intakes of food calories, proteins and micronutrients among households in rural Nigeria within the framework of panel data econometrics using a nationally representative data. The authors found that substantial proportion of households suffered deficiency of calories, proteins and certain micronutrients. »