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African Journal of Rural Development Call for Papers
May 16, 2017News
African Journal of Rural Development Call for Papers

The African Journal of Rural Development has published a Call for Papers for Multi-stakeholder Research & Innovation Platforms in Agricultural Research for Development. Deadline for submission is July 15, 2017. »

March 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Addressing rural youth migration at its root causes: A conceptual framework

This paper by FAO develops a conceptual framework about how agricultural and rural development policies can reduce the need for distress migration of rural youth; and how rural youth migration and remittances can contribute to sustainable agriculture and rural development, poverty reduction and food security in the areas of origin. »

January 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Can commercial farming promote rural dynamism in sub-Saharan Africa?: Evidence from Mozambique

This working paper by UNU-WIDER, aims to bring evidence to the debate around the impact of large commercial farms on neighbouring smallholders in low-income sub-Saharan Africa. The findings point to significant heterogeneity in the local economic effects of commercial farms rather than any kind of automatic spillover effects. The implication is that a more nuanced policy position is demanded with respect to promoting rural dynamism through new commercial models. In particular, the creation of suitable incentives for and regulation of outgrower schemes needs to be a priority. »

September 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Growth and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: the role of agricultural development

This book by UNU-WIDER comprehensively evaluates trends in living conditions in 16 major sub-Saharan African countries, corresponding to nearly 75% of the total population. An important message from ten of the countries they looked at is that there are potentially high returns to policies that take agriculture seriously. Countries that place a particular emphasis on upgrading the capabilities of small-scale farmers are more likely to achieve broad-based development objectives. »

June 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Shrimp, prawn and the political economy of social wellbeing in rural Bangladesh

This paper in the Journal of Rural Studies operationalizes the concept of social wellbeing (comprised of interlinked material, subjective and relational dimensions) as a framework for understanding the effects of agrarian change, as experienced by inhabitants of two villages in rural Southwest Bangladesh. Production of two ostensibly similar high value export crops (tiger shrimp and freshwater prawn) resulted in radically different trajectories of agrarian change and social wellbeing outcomes in the two villages. »

March 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Unleashing rural economies

This publication by the The Economist Intelligence Unit, highlights the overlooked value of rural economies for food security and poverty reduction. The authors state that rural economic development holds the key to ensuring that the nutritional needs of a growing global population are met, and poverty in rural areas is eased, narrowing the gaps between rural and urban populations. The focus of this research project is a better understanding of the macro- and microeconomic conditions that would enable rural economies to deliver a more significant contribution to economic growth. »