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January 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Agriculture & food systems to 2050: Global trends, challenges and opportunities

This book features a comprehensive foresight assessment, exploring the pressures, threats as well as opportunities, on the global agriculture and food systems between now and 2050. Food systems thinking can help identify synergies and trade-offs between the SDGs, and indicate leverage points for policies and interventions. »

December 31, 2018Knowledge Portal
The challenge of food systems research: What difference does it make?

This article aims to assess the conceptual challenges and practical opportunities for analysing the structure and performance of food systems, and identifies how food systems analysis could deliver new and innovative insights for nutrition policy in developing countries. »

LEAP-Agri projects with Dutch input
December 4, 2018News
LEAP-Agri projects with Dutch input

LEAP-Agri is an African Union – European Union partnership between thirty partners aimed at research and innovation for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA). The partnership has awarded funds to 27 projects. Please find below the 13 projects in which a Dutch team is involved. WAGRINNOVA Full project title: Co-innovations across scales to »

Report of workshop on resilience of inland fishing in Benin
October 31, 2018Research project
Report of workshop on resilience of inland fishing in Benin

In the context of the ARF project “Improving resilience of inland fisher communities in Benin” ACED, LHA and ACWFS organized a workshop on September 18, to improve knowledge exchange with policymakers and to strengthen their engagement in the sector. During the workshop six key messages were formulated. »

September 6, 2018Knowledge Portal
Identifying climate-smart agriculture research needs

This article addresses questions raised by climate-smart agriculture (CSA) within three areas: conceptualization, implementation, and implications for policy and decision-makers. The article shows that CSA is both a technical and political concept, requiring the bridging of several disciplines. »

July 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: What have we learned so far?

This paper summarizes existing knowledge regarding impacts, pathways, mechanisms, and contextual factors that affect where and how agriculture may improve nutrition outcomes. The most consistent finding was the impact of nutrition-sensitive agriculture programs (NSAP) on household and child dietary diversity. »