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Reverse thinking for finding Food Systems solutions
March 3, 2020Expert opinion
Reverse thinking for finding Food Systems solutions

The recently agreed reform of the international research network CGIAR provides a unique opportunity for making new steps towards a more effective, responsive and inclusive approach towards food systems analysis. In this blog, Prof. dr. Ruerd Ruben states that, based on the unified governance envisioned to lead ´One CGIAR´, it is of foremost importance to support changes in the composition of the research portfolio and a more fundamental adjustment in research practices. »

What's next for CGIAR?
February 17, 2020Expert opinion
What’s next for CGIAR?

CGIAR with its 15 research institutions around the world, mostly Global South, is on a reform path. Some old hands will smile, again? Yes, again. Some institutional reform gurus will applaud: you should never stop renewing and reinventing yourself. Wijnand van IJssel sheds his light on the complete overhaul to “One CGIAR”. »

Last two Senior Experts funded in the NL-CGIAR Programme
February 4, 2020News
Last two Senior Experts funded in the NL-CGIAR Programme

In the final round of the CGIAR Senior Expert Programme (SEP), two Senior Experts receive extra funding to spend more time on their CGIAR research and research management in large CGIAR programmes and platforms. »

January 20, 2020Knowledge Portal
Food systems for healthier diets in Bangladesh: Towards a research agenda

This discussion paper identified a large set of research questions that, if answered, could shed light on both how the food system in Bangladesh works, and the rate of change of food system transformation in Bangladesh. Both government interventions and innovations are needed to help shift the national food system to improve nutrient-dense food availability, particularly among the poor, and to limit the increase in processed food consumption. »

December 5, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food systems and nutrition: Emerging evidence and research opportunities

This review identified opportunities for action that could contribute to systemic change that improves diet quality, particularly for nutritionally vulnerable people in low income settings. The review summarizes research findings and presents future research opportunities, as well as several cross-cutting issues that have implications across the food system. »

Food systems Community of Practice meeting: Research meets practice
July 19, 2019Knowledge activity
Food systems Community of Practice meeting: Research meets practice
Theme: Food Systems Approach

On June 18, 2019 a Food systems Community of Practice (CoP) meeting was organized by the F&BKP. The meeting brought together 21 Food and Nutrition Security professionals from policy, research and practice to exchange on how food systems approaches have been brought into practice so far to identify lessons and future perspectives. »