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performance measurement

September 13, 2016Knowledge Portal
The technical mitigation potential of demand-side measures in the agri-food sector: a preliminary assessment of available measures

This report by CGIAR assesses the availability of demand-side measures, and looks at evidence of these measures’ impacts on behavior that directly results in emissions from the agri-food sector. The authors review the effectiveness of these measures for dietary change and reductions in food loss and waste, with a focus on developing countries, where agrifood emissions are projected to grow most rapidly and where the gaps in knowledge are largest. »

August 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
A shared approach to performance measurement: Common indicators and metrics

This paper presents an aligned yet customizable framework of indicators for measuring farm-level sustainability in smallholder agricultural supply chains. These indicators are proposed primarily in the context of performance measurement, but can also be useful for more in-depth impact evaluation studies. The ideas presented here are drawn from recent fieldwork of food and beverage companies, standards organizations, NGOs, and development agencies, and were synthesized as part of a community of practice led and facilitated by the Sustainable Food Lab. »