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September 14, 2020Knowledge Portal
A4NH Annual Report 2019

This annual report 2019 summarizes its research results, across five research flagships, and highlights the partnerships through which research has led to outcomes. A4NH works to develop evidence to support policies and actions for healthier food systems. »

August 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
COVID-19 pandemic and mitigation strategies: Implications for maternal and child health and nutrition

This article highlights key areas of concern for maternal and child nutrition during and in the aftermath of COVID-19 while providing strategic guidance for countries in their efforts to reduce maternal and child undernutrition. The article provides a set of recommendations that span investments in sectors that have sustained direct and indirect impact on nutrition. »

August 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
Sustainable food systems: Are we closer to the answers?

This annual report demonstrates how new evidence and innovations contribute to sustainable intensification of agriculture at the landscape level. WLE’s solutions support producing more nutritious food while managing natural resources more productively and sustainably in the face of critical climate change, health, demographic, and economic challenges. »

July 20, 2020Knowledge Portal
Nutrition in a digital world

This publication examines the complexity of the digital world for improved nutrition from a range of food-system perspectives. Potential benefits and adverse impacts of innovative digital technologies in helping to achieve sustainable healthy diets and progressively realize the right to adequate food.  »

July 14, 2020Knowledge Portal
SOFI 2020: Transforming food systems for affordable healthy diets

This report assesses the state of food security and nutrition in the world, and attempts to foresee impact of COVID-19. The critical link between food security and nutrition outcomes are food consumption and diet quality. New analysis determines that the cost of the diet increases incrementally as diet quality increases. The hidden costs for health and environment translate into actual costs for individuals and society. »

Second call CoP Markets, Supply Chains and Nutritious foods – June 24, 2020
July 8, 2020Knowledge activity
Second call CoP Markets, Supply Chains and Nutritious foods – June 24, 2020
Theme: CoP Markets, Supply Chains & Nutritious foods

On June 24, 2020, the second call of the CoP Markets, Supply Chains and Nutritious foods took place online. The CoP is convened by GAIN and co-convened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Food Partnership. The call focused on a country mapping identifying the sectors and value chains in which CoP participants are active for the selected priority countries Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Bangladesh. »