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April 24, 2018Knowledge Portal
Value chains for nutrition in South Asia: Who delivers, how, and to whom?

This issue of the IDS Bulletin aims to analyse existing (or potential) agri-food value chain pathways for delivering nutritious foods from agriculture to vulnerable populations in South Asia. »

April 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Nutrition sensitive value chains: Theory, progress, and open questions

This paper takes a consumer focus on value chains to consider the types of interventions that could lead to improved intakes of micronutrient-rich foods, and reviews the present literature on the types of value chain assessments, interventions, and initiatives that are attempting to improve nutrition. »

March 21, 2018Knowledge Portal
Developing nutrition-sensitive value chains in Indonesia

This report summarizes a number of studies to determine how to design nutrition-sensitive value chains for smallholders in Indonesia. The researchers suggest that strengthened value chains for foods could make business sense for smallholders and lay the foundations for a strong local food system that sustainably delivers nutritious foods for healthy diets. »

Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains and Food Systems for Ethiopia: Where Are the Entry Points?
March 19, 2018News
Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains and Food Systems for Ethiopia: Where Are the Entry Points?

An overview of an address to the Public Seminar on “The potential of value chains for nutrition:  A knowledge exchange for better informed policies and practices” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Written by Namukolo Covic (Senior Research Coordinator) & Belay Terefe (Research Associate) of A4NH in Ethiopia. »

March 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: What have we learned so far?

This paper reviews recent empirical evidence (since 2014), including findings from impact evaluations of a variety of nutrition-sensitive agriculture programs that document linkages between agriculture, women’s empowerment, and nutrition linkages. »

Co-creation, research uptake and nutrition-sensitive value chains
February 21, 2018Knowledge activity
Co-creation, research uptake and nutrition-sensitive value chains

The third international workshop of the Food & Business Applied Research Fund (ARF) took place from February 13 to 16, 2018, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The workshop focused on on co-creation and research uptake and was organized by NWO-WOTRO and the F&BKP, in collaboration with AgriProFocus and IFPRI Ethiopia. The public seminar on the third day was entitled “The potential for nutrition-sensitive value chains”. »