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May 15, 2019Knowledge Portal
Creating momentum for nutrition-sensitive agriculture: Experiences and lessons from the Australian aid program

This paper takes a retrospective analysis of the shifts in the Australian aid program that made significant progress in aligning its agriculture policy and programming to be more nutrition-sensitive, and the broader policy environment which made these shifts possible. »

January 7, 2019Knowledge Portal
From agriculture to nutrition

This brief aims to present lessons learned to date in the implementation of nutrition-sensitive agriculture activities and their impact on dietary diversity in the target communities. The lessons of the programme complement and reiterate the evidence to date in NSA. Agriculture diversity alone will have limited impact on women and infant’s dietary diversity and consideration must be given to income generating activities, market access, intra-household dynamics and social and behaviour change communication strategies »

November 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
Nutrition-sensitive value chains: A guide for project design

This publication aims to fill a key knowledge gap in the merging field of value chains for nutrition by providing guidance on how to design nutrition-sensitive value chain (NSVC) projects, with a particular focus on smallholder producers. NSVC project aims to alleviate the constraints identified in the supply and demand of specific foods in order to address the nutrition problem of the target beneficiaries. »

November 1, 2018Knowledge Portal
Family poultry: Multiple roles, systems, challenges, and options for sustainable contributions to household nutrition security through a planetary health lens

This article addresses key issues associated with the production of family poultry eggs in support of improved nutrition and sustainable, nutrition-sensitive agricultural practices. Family poultry production requires attention to husbandry practices, disease prevention and control in line with national and international animal health regulations, and food safety. »

Metrics and programming in Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture
September 17, 2018Knowledge activity
Metrics and programming in Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture
Theme: Nutrition Security

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions have the potential to improve diets if the process includes ongoing monitoring and if the targets for Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) programmes are realistic and focused. This is one of the key take-aways of a workshop and an expert meeting organized by NWGN. A brochure summarizing the outcomes of both events is now available online. »

Seven awards under Senior Expert Programme of the Netherlands-CGIAR partnership
September 12, 2018News
Seven awards under Senior Expert Programme of the Netherlands-CGIAR partnership

Seven proposals are awarded under the Senior Expert Programme within the framework of the NL–CGIAR strategic partnership. The seven senior researchers, affiliated with Dutch research institutions, will receive extra funding to spend more time on research and research management in large CGIAR programmes and platforms. »