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May 17, 2016Knowledge Portal
Manure helps feed the world: Integrated manure management demonstrates manure is a valuable resource

This practice brief provides an overview of Integrated Manure Management benefits and the challenges to adopt integrated manure management. The key benefit of Integrated Manure Management is that it prevents nutrient losses as much as possible, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving food security. »

May 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Global assessment of manure management policies and practices

This study (PDF) by the Livestock and Manure Management Component, part of CCAC, studied manure management policies and practice in 34 developing countries (in Asia, Africa and Latin America). Furthermore, an in-depth assessment of manure management practices in Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Ethiopia, Malawi, Argentina and Costa Rica was conducted. The focus of the report is on the global challenge of reducing climate emissions from livestock while improving food security and livelihoods. »