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Vacancies at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation
August 16, 2017News
Vacancies at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) stands for ‘Knowledge in Action’ and supports organizations and people to strengthen their capacity for sustainable development. WCDI is currently looking for a Livestock Value Chains Advisor and for a Food and Nutrition Security Advisor. »

July 19, 2017Knowledge Portal
Capitalising on the potential of women in livestock development

This article emphasizes the importance and benefits of the inclusion of women in livestock development. The author argues that the frequent exclusion of women from livestock ownership, resources and decision-making is a major factor in hindering households from escaping poverty. »

June 19, 2017Knowledge Portal
Africa’s youth employment challenge: New perspectives

This issue of the IDS Bulletin reflects challenges to youth employment in Africa and demonstrates how political context shapes youth-related policy. It illustrates the need for critical reflection on the multiple and divergent meanings of work and highlight an urgent need to rethink interventions that promote entrepreneurship. »

May 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
Small-scale poultry and food security in resource-poor settings

This article reviews how small-scale poultry can contribute to improved household food and nutrition security. Small-scale poultry production systems are mostly found in rural, resource-poor areas that often also experience food insecurity. These poultry systems are accessible to vulnerable groups of society, and provide households with income and nutritionally-rich food sources. »

April 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Enhancing the Uganda pig value chain through capacity building and multi-stakeholder platforms

This research brief by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) highlights specific action research and capacity development interventions to address identified challenges and generate evidence for wider applicability along the pig value chain in Uganda. The smallholder pig value chain in Uganda was identified by the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish as a sector where research investment was most likely to make a major difference to the livelihoods of poor people. »

April 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Gender [im]balance in productive and reproductive labor among livestock producers in Colombia: Implications for climate change responses

This info note provides an account on gender division of labor in livestock production and household activities in Colombia. Even though men and women undertake the production in the livestock sector jointly, the roles and responsibilities in livestock production and household maintenance are segregated along gender lines. The policy consideration of both men’s and women’s direct and indirect contributions to livestock production is crucial to avoid any unintended climate change policy consequences and ensure successful response to technology adoption. »