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December 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Multisectoral nutrition programming: FANTA achievements and lessons learned

This report discusses the broad scope and range of FANTA’s multisectoral nutrition programming activities in developing countries. Multisectoral nutrition programming enables to address the multifactorial causes of national nutrition challenges by linking and integrating program design, delivery, and evaluation across disciplines and sectors. »

November 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
Ten emerging lessons from the African Seed Access Index (TASAI)

This publication shows ten emerging lessons from studies appraising the the structure and economic performance of formal seed sectors in 13 countries. A competitive seed sector is key to ensuring timely availability of high quality seeds of improved, appropriate varieties at affordable prices to smallholder farmers in Africa. »

August 22, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making vegetable markets work for smallholders in Myanmar

This case study discusses the ‘Making Vegetable Markets Work for the Poor’ Program. This program focuses on improving the vegetable market chain throughout Myanmar by utilizing the market systems development approach. The case study explores the collaboration between East–West Seed Myanmar and Mercy Corps. »

May 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
Reaping richer returns: Public spending priorities for African agriculture productivity growth

This report explores how effective, efficient and climate resilient public spending in and for agriculture can be the foundation for transformation and reducing poverty in Sub-Saharan African countries. Enhancing the productivity of agriculture is vital for Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic future and is one of the most important tools to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity in the region. »

Learnings from the Food Connection Challenge
March 8, 2017News
Learnings from the Food Connection Challenge
Theme: Food Wastage

The Food Connection Challenge (FCC), an initiative of BoPInc and Crosswise Works facilitated by the F&BKP and IBA, was launched as a business-led response to postharvest losses in Ghana. In this blogpost learnings from organizing this Challenge, including good practices, are shared to inform similar initiatives. »

Joint learning with a focus on smallholders: a custom-made process
March 8, 2017News
Joint learning with a focus on smallholders: a custom-made process

In the end of 2016, the five NWO-WOTRO projects funded within the first call of the Global Challenges Programma (GCP-1) of the Food and Business Research Programme were at their midterm stage. »