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Land rights are crucial but not the ultimate solution
January 6, 2016Expert opinion
Land rights are crucial but not the ultimate solution
Theme: Soil Management

Last article in the IYS 2015 series. Land rights and investments in soil improvement are closely related. Land-owners or long-term tenants are definitely willing to invest in soil fertility and erosion prevention, but land ownership or tenancy alone is not a panacea. »

October 1, 2015Knowledge Portal
Examining gender inequalities in land rights indicators in Asia

This article in Agricultural Economics Journal examines gender inequalities and land rights indicators in Asia. It argues that while a broad consensus has emerged among policymakers and researchers that strengthening women’s property rights is crucial for reducing poverty and achieving equitable growth, only little data exists on women’ property rights in Asia. »

September 8, 2015Knowledge Portal
Shifting cultivation, livelihood and food security: New and old challenges for indigenous peoples in Asia

This extended report showcases the changes in livelihood and food security among indigenous shifting cultivation communities in South and Southeast Asia. It focuses on the challenges for indigenous peoples in countries that experience rapid socio-economic transformations with case studies from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal and Thailand. The case studies identify external and internal factors that hinder and facilitate livelihood creation and food security. »

August 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Realising women’s land rights: law, gender and farming in Tanzania

This book explores women’s claims to land in practice. The book is based on a year of ethnographic fieldwork, mainly in Arusha, northern Tanzania. This is a region with a high number of land conflicts and legal disputes throughout the colonial era to the present day. The book traces the progression of claims from their social origins, through legal processes of dispute resolution to judgment. »

June 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
The new Gender and Land Rights Database: a hub of information on gender-equitable land tenure

FAO has re-launched its Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD). The database consists of several main sections: country profiles and gender and land-related statistics. Furthermore, a new Legislation Assessment Tool is included, which offers 30 indicators for measuring progress towards gender equity in land tenure in national policy and legal frameworks. The database provides information, »

April 12, 2015Knowledge Portal
Securing customary land rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

This working paper elaborates on new approaches to land tenure reform with regard to securing customary land rights in Sub-Saharan Africa. The conventional approach for securing property rights to land is by establishing a system of private ownership through individual titling and has often not led to the intended improvements in agricultural investments and productivity. Instead it has had several negative social implications. »