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August 26, 2015Knowledge Portal
Farmers’ strategies as building block for rethinking sustainable intensification

Agricultural intensification, now commonly referred to as sustainable intensification, is presented in development discourse as a key means to simultaneously improve food security and reduce rural poverty without harming the environment. Taking a village in Laos as a case study, we show how government agencies and farmers could perceive the idea of agricultural intensification differently. »

August 26, 2015Knowledge Portal
Africa-EU research collaboration on food security: A Critical Analysis of the Scope, Coordination and Uptake of Findings

This report (PDF) by CAAST-NET Plus presents the key findings from an analysis of research cooperation between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. Two issues were investigated: first, the extent to which joint EU-SSA research cooperation has impacted on Africa-EU joint FNS priorities; and, second, the extent to which research outputs have been used in policy-making and »

August 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
Catalysing innovation: from theory to action

This paper (PDF) by KIT looks at the process of agricultural innovation and the realistic contribution agricultural research can make. To be able to analyse the process of agricultural innovation, three elements are distinguished: 1) opportunity assessment to identify ‘entry points for change’; 2) experimentation, leading to ‘tested and tried promising new practices’; and 3) »

June 18, 2015Knowledge Portal
The New Science of Sustainable Food Systems: Overcoming Barriers to Food Systems Reform

The report of IPES-Food, entitled The New Science of Sustainable Food Systems: Overcoming Barriers to Food Systems Reform (PDF), makes the case for reaching beyond the traditional bounds of the scientific community in conducting this analysis. According to the authors, to accelerate the shift towards sustainable food systems, a new science of sustainable food systems is needed. »

June 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
Food Security Governance Empowering Communities, Regulating Corporations

This book by Nora McKeon explores the global food governance at a crossroads. It proceeds to explain how actors link up in corporate global food chains and in the local food systems that feed most of the world’s population. It unpacks relevant paradigms – from productivism to food sovereignty – and highlights the significance of adopting a rights-based approach to solving food problems. »

May 18, 2015Knowledge Portal
Sustainable sector transformation: How to drive sustainability performance in smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors?

This paper by Aidenvironment, NewForesight and IIED presents a sustainable sector transformation model for smallholder dominated agricultural commodity sectors which takes a holistic approach to transformation. It begins with an explanation of some of the dynamics of sector transformation. It then presents the limits of purely public or market-driven models, before finally presenting the five building blocks that make up the model. »