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institutional change

July 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
Challenging food governance models: Analyzing the food citizen and the emerging food constitutionalism from an EU perspective

The analysis presented in this paper (PDF) in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, reflects specifically on those proposals based on a common aspect: the need to transform the governance of the EU present-day food system, that is, who makes decisions, how are those decisions made, and which changes need to be made to empower food consumers. The introduction of reforms to change these models is proposed. »

June 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
Advancing health and well-being in food systems: strategic opportunities for funders

The working group of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food commissioned four scoping papers (PDF), one for each of its strategies, from cutting-edge experts in the field of food systems policy and practice. The papers focus on key recommendations for action by funders to promote positive systemic change in food systems and to »

May 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
The need for institutional change in capacity development of tertiary agricultural education organisations

This publication (PDF) by KIT, ICRA and the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), argues that Dutch-funded capacity development projects in developing countries for tertiary agricultural education organisations as they are currently carried out are not able to successfully achieve the sustained changes required. The authors suggest that long-term institutional change is needed. The report specifically »

April 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Institutional change towards sustainable agriculture in West Africa

This paper in the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability describes why inter- and trans-disciplinary research, accompanied by innovation platforms, is essential in the context of agricultural development in West Africa. The authors argue that an enabling institutional context is necessary to achieve an increase in agricultural production. This will have consequences for setting priorities of »

April 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Innovating organizational systems of agricultural extension in China

This paper comprehensively examines the organizational systems of agricultural extension in China. The organizations of agricultural extension in China have been gradually diversified over 30 years’ reform and adjustment. Suggestions on how to optimize the internal organizational structures, how to encourage the interaction and coordination among different types of organizations, and how to coordinate the relationships between organizations and external environment are proposed. »