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October 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Public-private partnerships for agribusiness development – A review of international experiences

This publication aims to improve understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of agri-Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). It provides an analysis of 70 PPP cases gathered from 15 developing countries, together with evidence from FAO’s support to the review of PPP policies for agriculture in Southeast Asia and Central America. Agri-PPPs are expected to contribute to the pursuit of sustainable agricultural development that is inclusive of smallholder farmers. »

July 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Balancing detail and scale in assessing transparency to improve the governance of agricultural commodity supply chains

In this article in the Environmental Research Letters, a complementary approach to existing approaches of assessing the sustainability of commodity supply chains is introduced. This approach can help provide actionable information, for example to improve sourcing and production practices, without requiring costly dedicated tracking systems for each individual supply chain. »

May 27, 2016Knowledge Portal
A case study of health and agriculture social enterprises in Kenya

This case study reviewed social enterprises (SEs) operating in the agriculture and health sectors in Kenya to examine how the lack of a widely-accepted social enterprise definition influences activity in Kenya, identify niches within which agriculture and health sector social enterprises are operating and summarise key findings from discussions with key informants. Social enterprise in Kenya is a dynamic space at the moment, but that there is a lack of common terminology and understanding of how SEs fit into wider sectoral contexts. »

December 8, 2015Knowledge Portal
Realising the right to social security and the right to food

This paper identifies conceptual synergies and dissonances between food security and income security. It considers the contribution of mainstream social protection instruments, such as cash transfers, to food security. The paper presents specific food security policies that would strengthen the ability of national social protection floors to address food insecurity. »

August 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
How can sector governance models drive sustainability performance in smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors?

This publication by Aidenvironment, NewForesight & IIED, explores the drivers and potential benefits of sector governance models in enabling the transition of smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors towards sustainability. »

August 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Ending poverty and hunger by 2030: an agenda for the global food system

This report by the World Bank identifies key issues where the global food system should improve. The food system must become more sustainable. It must also raise the agricultural productivity of poor farmers, improve nutritional outcomes, and broadly adopt climate-smart agriculture that can withstand and mitigate climate change. »