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On the Menu – Can Food Be the Planet’s Medicine?
April 24, 2019Knowledge activity
On the Menu – Can Food Be the Planet’s Medicine?

A high profile session at the World Bank’s Spring Meetings on April 10, 2019, highlighted the urgency and absolutely critical role of a food system transformation for humanity to stay “in a safe operating space within planetary boundaries”. Read a short introduction and watch the video. »

October 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Minimising food waste: a call for multidisciplinary research

This perspective calls for multidisciplinary collaboration to reduce food wastage. Whilst most emphasis has been put on increasing future crop production, far less resource has been and is still channeled towards enabling both established and innovative food preservation technologies to reduce food waste. »

September 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
African leafy vegetables pre-harvest and post-harvest constrains and technologies for losses reduction along the field to consumer chain

This article discusses pre- and post-harvest constrains of African indigenous leafy vegetables (ALVs), as well as strategies and technologies to reduce losses in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Currently, post-harvest losses of AVLs in SSA are more than 50% due to various constrains along “the field to consumer” chain. »

March 16, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food security: Postharvest losses

This article addresses the inconsistencies in definitions and target issues of food losses and waste. In recent years, the question of food losses and waste (FLW) has been the subject of much debate. When it comes to food security, the preservation of natural resources and potential economic benefits, the general public, scientists and politicians all agree that FLW needs to be reduced. »

January 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Post-harvest handling practices and associated food losses and limitations in the sweetpotato value chain of southern Ethiopia

This article states that establishing links between value chain constraints and food losses is essential to developing effective alleviation strategies. This study focuses on the post-harvest handling practices associated with food losses in the sweetpotato value chain of southern Ethiopia. Household food insecurity is a chronic problem in Ethiopia; the situation is being exacerbated by high population growth rates and recurring droughts in the country. »

Seventeenth F&BKP newsletter
December 23, 2016News
Seventeenth F&BKP newsletter

The last 2016 newsletter of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) is filled with seven F&BKP related products such as studies, reports of seminars, Knowledge Portal items, and upcoming events. You can also follow the Platform on Twitter and Facebook to always stay updated on relevant Food and Nutrition Security related news. The Platform Office team wishes all our readers happy holidays »