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December 22, 2015Knowledge Portal
Price stabilization and impacts of trade liberalization in the Southeast Asian rice market

This article investigates the impact of trade liberalization in major rice trading countries of Southeast Asia. It focus its attention on the price stabilization mechanism that were adopted by governments in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. »

November 18, 2015Knowledge Portal
An exploratory study of changing consumption patterns and the inclination to engage in food-related protests

This article argues that the relationship between riots, dietary patterns and the willingness to riot is not straightforward since the changes in consumption of different food groups influence the willingness to riot in different ways. After the widespread food riots in 2008, some authors argued that higher food prices cause political unrest, or food riots. Nevertheless, research has demonstrated that political, cultural, and economic factors confound the impact of price in determining whether a food riot occurs. »

November 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Delicious, Disgusting, Dangerous: Eating in a time of food price volatility

This report (PDF) by IDS and Oxfam highlights the third year results of the study Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility, with a focus on changes in diets. The report explores what people on low and precarious incomes are eating now and how they are responding to the increasing commodification of food. Furthermore, the paper uncovers how these changes are linked to adjustments in work, residence and home life. »

October 19, 2015Knowledge Portal
Habitual choice strategy, poverty and urban consumer demand for biofortified iron beans in developing countries: An application of random-effects double hurdle model

This article scrutinizes the urban consumer demand for nutritious foods in the context of bio-fortified iron beans as a public health intervention in Africa. The increasing urbanization process in developing countries creates current and future challenges for the global food system to deliver high quality nutritious foods and provide equitable access for the urban poor. This paper examines the role of habit, poverty and information for urban consumer demand of nutritious foods. »

October 14, 2015Knowledge Portal
Are lower commodity prices a good thing?

This blog by Joseph Glauber , Senior Research Fellow at IFPRI, asks the question: are lower prices a good thing for the world? The author highlights that lower food prices could mean that households will have more money to spend on food and other household expenditures, but the impact for many will likely be small. »

October 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
The impacts of food price and income shocks on household food security and economic well-being: Evidence from rural Bangladesh

This paper at MPRA examines the combined impacts of food price and income shocks on household food security and economic well-being in low-income rural communities. Using longitudinal survey data of 1,800 rural households from 12 districts of Bangladesh over the period 2007–2009, the authors estimated a three-stage hierarchical logit model to identify the key sources of household food insecurity. »