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food and nutrition policies

November 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
What works for nutrition? Stories of success from Vietnam, Uganda, and Kenya

This report discusses the drivers of progress in tackling multiple forms of malnutrition in three countries: Vietnam, Uganda, and Kenya. The report identifies some of the challenges and success factors to sustaining progress. It highlights the importance of well defined national policies and strategies for nutrition; the importance of strengthening capacity within governance structures; and to commit to global platforms (like the SUN movement or the Zero Hunger Challenge). »

April 14, 2015Knowledge Portal
Food security and scarcity: why ending hunger is so hard

This book by C. Peter Timmer (available on University of Pennsylvania Press), provides an examination of what makes a productive, sustainable, and stable food system and of how to address the complex task of ending hunger. Important lessons learned are analysed, based on past work of the author as well as recent published research. Timmer »

April 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
Conceptualizing drivers of policy change in agriculture, nutrition, and food security

This paper (PDF) by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) introduces an applied framework, named the kaleidoscope model, to analyze drivers of change in the food security arena, with a specific emphasis on agriculture and nutrition policies. Focusing on five key elements of the policy cycle—agenda setting, design, adoption, implementation, and evaluation and reform—the »