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March 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Vegetable diversification in cocoa-based farming systems Ghana

This study in the Agriculture & Food Security Journal assessed the extent of diversification of vegetables among farmers in Ghana’s cocoa belt and determined the factors that explain the variability in the diversification indices. It was found that marital status of the household head and total land endowment were the major determinants of diversification. »

December 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Processes of adaptation in farm decision-making models. A review

This article in the Agronomy for Sustainable Development Journal, reviews processes of adaptation in farm decision-making models. The authors review bio-economic and bio-decision models, in which strategic and tactical decisions are included in dynamic adaptive and expectation-based processes, in 40 literature articles. »

September 20, 2016Knowledge Portal
Gender-based constraints and opportunities to agricultural intensification in Ethiopia

This literature review provides a holistic perspective of the stock and interaction between the capitals required by men and women farmers for effective engagement in agricultural intensification in Ethiopia. Although land reform has enhanced women’s access to land, participation in decision-making and asset control are yet to be achieved. »

September 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Towards developing scalable climate-smart village models: approach and lessons learnt from pilot research in West Africa

This report by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and CCAFS-CGIAR provides lessons learned on a project on “Developing community-based climate smart agriculture through participatory action research in CCAFS benchmark sites in West Africa”. After three years of implementation, the document is describing the approach used and the lessons learnt. An evaluation of the project through two consultants reported that the project was well designed and was very relevant in the context of climate change as its objectives are in line with local needs especially national research/ development goals. »

January 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
The future of youth in agricultural value chains in Ethiopia and Kenya

This report elaborates on how increased youth involvement in the agricultural value chain can improve food security and diminish youth unemployment. The study assesses where in the farming systems and the agricultural value chain youth is present and tries to understand the perspectives of youth towards agriculture. The study identifies the conditions that influence the involvement of male and female youth in maize and potato value chains in Ethiopia and Kenya. »