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The future of farming in Africa
July 4, 2018Expert opinion
The future of farming in Africa

 “Who will produce our food in the future?” Ken Giller, professor Plant Production Systems at Wageningen University, asks out loudly during a presentation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 5,  2018. It asks for policy that doesn’t exist at the moment”, Giller says, “this is what I frame as the Food Security Conundrum”. »

November 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
Agricultural intensification in Mali and Sudan through improved soil fertility, integrated pest management and mechanization

This report by PROIntenseAfrica discusses the role of improved farm power and mechanization, seed priming, improved soil fertility (microdosing) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in the intensification of agricultural production in Mali and Sudan. Capacity building, awareness creation through farmers training and access to credits are crucial for the adoption and sustainable use of agricultural technologies in Mali and Sudan. Given the very high loss due to pest damage, intensification of crop production without an adequate protection from pest damage is not economically viable. »

July 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Adressing women’s work burden: Key issues, promising solutions, and way forward

This factsheet discusses women’s triple work burden in the household, as producers and at community level. The competing demands linked to this triple role make women time poor. This affects their quality of life and decision making, puts their health at risk and prevents them from taking full advantage of economic opportunities through engagement in income generating activities. »

March 31, 2015Knowledge Portal
Six innovations revolutionising farming

In this article by The Guardian, six innovations in farmer technology as are highlighted relating to the increased agricultural productivity of the last half century. These include: 1) dairy hubs (see example); 2) fertiliser deep placement (FDP); 3) mobile apps, such as VetAfrica or Farming Instructor; 4) high-roofed greenhouses (see example); 5) new feeding systems »

March 31, 2015Knowledge Portal
Kenya-Dutch PPP puts new twist on ancient farm technology

SNV Kenya and the Dutch company Land Life Company joined in a public-private partnership to improve the water efficiency and survival rates of young trees in dry-land Kenya. For avocado trees as well as mango trees, a Land Life Box is provided, a donut-hole centred box that delivers water slowly and over time to the »