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November 10, 2015Knowledge Portal
Supporting women farmers in a changing climate: Five policy lessons

This policy brief tries to focus attention to women farmers in changing climates. Agriculture is one sector that will be particularly hard hit by a changing climate and to respond and adapt to global climate change, agricultural producers (particularly those in developing countries) will need to embrace new, more sustainable technologies and practices. However, when it comes to discussing climate-smart agricultural practices, one group often seems left out: women. The policy brief presents five key policy recommendations to better address women’s roles in both agriculture and climate change adaptation. »

May 14, 2015Knowledge Portal
The most critical scientific & technological breakthroughs required for food security & agricultural development

The main purpose of the 50 Breakthroughs study by LIGTT is to identify where game-changing technologies for sustainable development are most required. The study’s main objectives are to: 1) foster a thought-provoking conversation about the role of technology in solving the world’s most pressing problems, 2) provide contextual background for technologists; and 3) provide decision-makers a guide to asking the hard–but important—questions. »

April 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Innovating organizational systems of agricultural extension in China

This paper comprehensively examines the organizational systems of agricultural extension in China. The organizations of agricultural extension in China have been gradually diversified over 30 years’ reform and adjustment. Suggestions on how to optimize the internal organizational structures, how to encourage the interaction and coordination among different types of organizations, and how to coordinate the relationships between organizations and external environment are proposed. »