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export restrictions

January 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
Explaining grain and oilseed price volatility: The role of export restrictions

This article examines the impact that export restrictions have on price volatility. Since 2007 food prices have become significantly higher and more volatile. This impacts food security because it affects household incomes and purchasing power. A more and more frequent response to price volatility is the use of export restrictions to stabilize domestic prices. However, when a country is a large exporter, the restrictions can even increase global price volatility. »

October 19, 2015Knowledge Portal
Food waste in Kenya: Uncovering food waste in the horticultural export supply chain

This report elaborates on the reasons for large amount of food waste in Kenya’s horticulture sector. It reveals that Kenyan farmers are being subjected to unfair trading practices such as last minute cancellation of orders and unnecessarily strict cosmetic standards by European retail buyers resulting in massive amounts of food waste. The study finds that retailer practices, especially cosmetic standards for produce and order cancellations, are resulting in 45% of produce in Kenyan horticultural supply chains being rejected before shipment. »