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July 16, 2019Knowledge Portal
SOFI 2019: Safeguarding against economic slowdowns and downturns

This report reveals that since 2015, hunger has been slowly on a rise, with the global level of the prevalence of undernourishment slightly below 11 percent. One of the key drivers of the increase in hunger are economic slowdowns. Hunger has been on the rise in many of the countries where the economy slowed down or contracted. »

October 31, 2018Knowledge Portal
The safe food imperative: Accelerating progress in low- and middle-income countries

This report strengthens the economic case for increased public investment and other policy attention on food safety in developing countries. The most crucial roles for governments is to be facilitative: induce investments and behaviour changes by actors that share the goal and responsibility for safer food. »

May 21, 2018Knowledge Portal
Livelihood and climate trade-offs in Kenyan peri-urban vegetable production

This study investigates productivity and economic and climate trade-offs in soil fertility management strategies in smallholder African indigenous vegetable production in Kenya. Soil fertility management strategies that mix inorganic and organic source present a pathway to sustainable intensification in AIV production. »

November 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
The economic advantage assessing the value of climate-change actions in agriculture

This report by IFAD contributes arguments and information on economic assessment for agriculture under climate change. It is aimed at readers who seek to build economic evidence in support of the inclusion of actions on agriculture in climate change plans and programmes. The focus is particularly on the national level under the umbrella of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to the December 2015 Paris agreement. »

F&BKP Report “Reducing food wastage, improving food security?”
July 3, 2014Study
F&BKP Report “Reducing food wastage, improving food security?”
Theme: Food Wastage

Within the F&BKP an inventory study on the relation between the reduction of food wastage and the improvement of food security has been conducted. Please find below the link to the full report and the summary of the study “Reducing food wastage, improving food security?”. Download the F&BKP Report “Reducing food wastage, improving food security?” »

HLPE Report on food losses and waste
July 1, 2014Study
HLPE Report on food losses and waste
Theme: Food Wastage

The issue of global food losses and waste has recently received much attention and has been given high visibility. According to FAO, almost one-third of food produced for human consumption – approximately 1.3 billion tonnes per year – is either lost or wasted globally: their reduction is now presented as essential to improve food security »