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May 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Addressing the yield gap in rainfed crops: a review

This article in the Agronomy for Sustainable Development Journal explores some of the existing methods to assess potential grain yield, the size of the gap between average and rainfall-limited potential yield and to suggest pathways for future gains in crop yields in the presence of soil degradation, climate change and seasonal variability of rainfall. They focus mainly on cereal and grain legume crops but recognise that oilseed crops such as canola and mustard play an important role in many rainfed cropping systems. »

June 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Towards an integrated market for seeds and fertilizers in west Africa

This World Bank Group (WBG) working paper (PDF), explores the development of integrated regional markets and agricultural input supply chains for farmers in West Africa. The paper is a result of consultations with seed, fertilizer, and regional trade experts in the region. The working paper offers recommendations to build on the progress of West African governments that have worked on the development of trade rules and quality control methods. »