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crop diversification

September 25, 2019Knowledge Portal
Resilient seed systems: Handbook

This book is a tool that supports research and capacity building on resilient seed systems in the context of adaptation to climate change. It advises how countries can design and implement a comprehensive capacity-building strategy to access and use crop diversity more effectively to adapt to climate change in specific sites. »

August 21, 2019Knowledge Portal
Exploring agriculture diversification in Zambia from different perspectives

This discussion paper explores the reasons for the lack of agricultural diversity from the perspectives of smallholder households, market actors and extension officers. Zambia’s diversification agenda should be based on  the priorities and requirements of farming households. To succeed it will require the collective efforts of key players, and a range of co-ordinated policy changes. »

June 13, 2018Knowledge Portal
The role of crop diversification in improving household food security in central Malawi

This paper investigates the influence of crop diversification and other household socioeconomic characteristics on improving household food security in central Malawi. Results show that higher crop diversification intensities are more likely to have a diverse diet. »

May 10, 2018Knowledge Portal
Agricultural diversification as an important strategy for achieving food security in Africa

This article explores the relationship between farming diversity and food security and the diversification potential of African agriculture on household and continental scale. The study has demonstrated that diversification does have an essential role to play in ensuring food security and stabilizing food production. »

April 25, 2018Knowledge Portal
Agriculture , food security, and nutrition in Malawi: Leveraging the links

This report aims to answer the question: “How can Malawi better leverage its smallholder agriculture sector to improve nutrition?”  A critical message is the need to focus more strongly on diet quality as key goal for leveraging agriculture for improved nutrition and health.  »

March 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Determinants and welfare effects of smallholder participation in horticultural markets in Zambia

This article in the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, examines smallholder participation in horticultural markets in Zambia, with two main questions in mind: 1) who participates in horticultural markets? and 2) how does participation affect household income and other welfare outcomes? »