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AgriProFocus Food Manifest
June 19, 2017News
AgriProFocus Food Manifest

“Together we can ensure that food and food security remain on the agenda of the next cabinet.” This is the main message of the manifest AgriProFocus has drafted to be handed to the negotiators of the new cabinet at the end of June. Until June 26, 2017, organizations can sign the manifest by sending an email to AgriProFocus. »

May 2, 2017Knowledge Portal
Do markets and trade help or hurt the global food system adapt to climate change?

This article discusses the effects of markets and trade on the global food system in a changing climate. The authors argue that food security in a changing climate can best be understood as a double exposure: the exposure of people and processes to both economic and climate-related shocks and stressors. »

May 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
The business case for soil

In this expert opinion Jess Davis argues that action on soil sustainability must move beyond the farm and into the boardroom. She argues that most businesses are unaware that their bottom lines depend on soil; nor are they aware of the risks they face from its degradation. »

March 31, 2017Knowledge Portal
A farmers’ perspective on the Access to Seeds Index 2016 and the way forward

This report published by Access to Seeds Foundation documents the farmers’ consultation of the Access to Seed Index 2016 with 35 farmers’ organizations from 26 countries. These four meetings marked the start of the development process towards the second Access to Seeds Index scheduled for Q1 2019. During this consultation farmers’ organizations gave more attention to the impact of climate change than during the previous farmers’ consultation in 2013. The meetings underlined the need to include farmer cooperatives, associations and community seed enterprises in the overall Index assessment. »

March 17, 2017Knowledge Portal
Recurring storms: food insecurity, political instability, and conflict

This report by CSIS reviews the prospects for increasing food security and links this to the polictical instability and conflict situations that comes with it.The experiences of post-conflict countries highlight some critical issues that need to be prioritized in order to regain sustainable food security. Averting future storms will require the recognition that food security challenges will extend long beyond 2030, political leadership must be visibly committed to these issues, and actions to reduce fragmentation of effort will be critical. »

March 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Rwanda dairy competitiveness program II: Efficiency gains in dairy production systems decrease GHG emission intensity

This info-note by CGIAR, USAID and FAO presents the results on the decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the Rwanda Dairy Competitiveness Program II (RDCP). It was estimated to have resulted in a strong decrease in the GHG emissions intensity of milk production. The increase in milk output was proportionally much larger than the associated increase in GHG emissions. This increase in the efficiency of dairy production systems was the basis for a transformation to more sustainable production patterns in intensive and extensive dairy systems. »