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March 19, 2015Knowledge Portal
Implementing deforestation-free supply chains: Certification and beyond

This paper explores to what extent voluntary certification schemes are able to deliver on no deforestation commitments. Certification schemes play an important role in improving the environmental and social sustainability of supply chains. Yet, this report highlights a number of their limitations which form a barrier to delivering on no deforestation targets. »

March 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Coffee Barometer 2014: building demand for sustainable coffee

The Coffee Barometer 2014 (PDF) is a bi-annual overview of developments in the coffee industry. This joint publication of Hivos, Solidaridad, Oxfam Novib, IUCN-NL and WWF discusses recent developments in the coffee market, standards and certification and provides an overview of case studies advocating adaptation strategies. Ecological, economic and social aspects of coffee production, climate »