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April 13, 2016Knowledge Portal
Timescales of transformational climate change adaptation in sub-Saharan African agriculture

In this article the authors develop a temporal uncertainty framework, in which different phases and timeframes needed to ensure a transformation in sub-Saharan agriculture to adapt to climate change are presented. Climate change is projected to constitute a significant threat to food security if no adaptation actions are taken. Therefore, transformation of agricultural systems is necessary in some cases. »

April 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Is agriculture the answer to the Africa youth unemployment challenge?

Is agriculture the sector of opportunity for youth in sub-Saharan Africa? That was the question that was asked as part of a debate for the Mastercard Young Africa Works Summit in November 2015. Dr. Nteranya Sanginga – Director General International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Jim Sumberg from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), highlighted the pro’s and cons of this debate. Jim Sumberg presented four reasons to be cautious. »

March 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa: Taking stock of the evidence and knowledge gaps

The paper provides an overview of the youth employment challenge in sub-Saharan Africa. It gives context on the overall economic and employment climate in the region, and takes stock of what is known — and not known — about youth employment specifically. It summarizes existing interventions to expand employment and livelihood opportunities for African youth, and identifies research that could address policy-relevant knowledge gaps. »

March 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
A future in coffee: Growing a new generation of coffee professionals

A new generation of coffee professionals is urgently needed. Over the last decade, organisations in various parts of the world have launched projects to increase the number of youth involved in the coffee sector. These projects provide clear insights that can be applied in many other sectors and can potentially transform the coffee production sector. This publication by Hivos summarizes 5 case studies worldwide on good practices how to involve youth in the coffee sector, and comes up with successful strategies that attracted young people back to the coffee sector. »

Debating the future of agriculture in Africa’s transformation
February 17, 2016Expert opinion
Debating the future of agriculture in Africa’s transformation

In 2015 INCLUDE attended two events of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) on agriculture and development in Africa. The first was the Senior Policy Seminar ‘Agriculture in Africa’s Transformation: The Role of Smallholder Farmers’ held in Maputo, Mozambique on 26 and 27 March, which was hosted by AERC and the World Food Programme (WFP). »

February 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Agroecology in Africa: Mitigation the old new way

This article is highlighting the way millions of African farmers, with their indigenous systems, adapt to climate change. 33 case studies released by the Oakland Institute demonstrate with facts and figures how an agricultural transformation respectful of the farmers and their environment can yield immense economic, social, and food security benefits while also fighting climate change and restoring soils and the environment. »