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August 7, 2018Knowledge Portal
Biotechnology for sustainable agriculture: Emerging approaches and strategies

This book integrates basic and advanced concepts of agricultural biotechnology with future development prospects. Using biotechnology with sustainable agriculture effectively contributes to gains in agricultural productivity, enhanced food security, and reduced poverty. »

June 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
What happens after technology adoption? Gendered aspects of small-scale irrigation technologies in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Tanzania

This paper complements the literature on gender and technology adoption, which largely focuses on reasons for low rates of female technology adoption, by shifting attention to what happens within a household after it adopts a technology. »

April 25, 2018Knowledge Portal
Building inclusive agricultural technologies for young people

The report by the Mastercard Foundation Youth Think Tank, investigates how well technological innovation is supported and how well technologies have reached agricultural communities in Africa. This research captures the experience of young people in the agrifood system — both those who innovate and those they design solutions for. »

February 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
Protected cultivation of vegetable crops in sub-Saharan Africa: Limits and prospects for smallholders. A review

This article presents an overview of the agronomic, economic, and environmental performances of low-tech protected cultivation techniques (PCT) in sub-Saharan Africa. Technology transfer and the adoption of PCT affordable for smallholders are believed to be able to feed the increasing population and fight malnutrition. »

January 10, 2018Knowledge Portal
Modeling smallholder farmers’ preferences for soil management measures: A case study from South Ethiopia

This article investigates investment constraints on soil management technologies among smallholders. Land degradation is a major environmental problem in Ethiopia posing serious threats to agricultural productivity and livelihoods. »

December 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Value chain innovations for technology transfer in developing and emerging economies: Conceptual issues, typology, and policy implications

This article addresses the question how value chain organization and innovations can have an important impact on modern technology adoption. The adoption of modern technologies in agriculture is crucial for improving productivity of poor farmers and poverty reduction. »