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April 1, 2019Knowledge Portal
Setting priorities to address the research gaps between agricultural systems analysis and food security outcomes in low- and middle- income countries

This working paper assesses the current state of practice for the representation of food security indicators in agricultural systems models and provides recommendations for improvements in both model formulation and the empirical evidence base underlying it. The assessment found that there is broad agreement at conceptual level about linkages between agricultural systems and food security. However, the extant conceptual frameworks are often not specific enough. »

LEAP-Agri: EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership
December 4, 2018News
LEAP-Agri: EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership

LEAP-Agri is an African Union – European Union partnership between thirty partners aimed at research and innovation for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA). The partnership has awarded funds to 27 projects; in 14 projects a Dutch team is involved. »

Launch EU Policy brief
November 14, 2018Knowledge activity
Launch EU Policy brief “Programming Research and Innovation for Improved Impact”

Multi-actor research with ex-ante assessment, which is beginning to be applied in EU programmes, can foster development impact when conducted within a right enabling environment. This was concluded by the SCAR Strategic European Working Groups ARCH, AKIS & SCAR Food Systems on October 31, 2018 at a joint launch of the Policy Brief in Brussels. »

European driven Food System effects on people, economies and environments in LMICs
November 12, 2018Knowledge activity
European driven Food System effects on people, economies and environments in LMICs

By assessing economic, ecological and social effects of the European role in food systems in Low and Middle Income countries, EU interventions can be improved for better impact on the SDGs, yet this demands very new ways of multi-actor cooperation. This was concluded during the round table discussion in Brussels on October 31 with high level experts from EC DGs Agri, Research and Development and various European universities. »

October 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
A framework for priority-setting in climate smart agriculture research

This article proposes a framework for prioritising agricultural research investment across scales and reviews different approaches to setting priorities among agricultural research projects. A mix of actions that span spatial and temporal time scales is needed to ensure climate-smart agriculture research effectiveness. »

October 30, 2017Knowledge Portal
Rural transformation, cereals and youth in Africa: What role for international agricultural research?

This article examines the argument that the combination of agricultural value chains, technology and entrepreneurship will unlock a sweet spot for youth employment in Africa. This is done from a rural transformations perspective. »