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April 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making creativity a job engine for rural Africa – Panel discussion highlights role of young entrepreneurs

This article describes the main messages of a panel discussion on youth employment in rural Africa. One of the important challenge for Africa will be to make the rural economy a place of opportunity for the young. According to the young Africans who attended the discussion, one of the reasons that this is not yet happening is the lack of investment. »

April 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Foresight Africa viewpoint: Science and the farm

This blog argues that Africa‚Äôs youth employment issue is fundamentally one of agricultural modernization and investment in science. More youths remain on farms than leave, although the movement away is very visible and has raised concern about food security, aging of the countryside, and excessive dependence on food imports. Concerns would be best directed toward understanding the needs of young people who stay on farms. »

March 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Addressing rural youth migration at its root causes: A conceptual framework

This paper by FAO develops a conceptual framework about how agricultural and rural development policies can reduce the need for distress migration of rural youth; and how rural youth migration and remittances can contribute to sustainable agriculture and rural development, poverty reduction and food security in the areas of origin. »

New vacancies YEP programmes
March 21, 2017News
New vacancies YEP programmes

There are six new Young Expert Programmes (YEP) job opportunities available. Main goal of the YEP Programmes is to offer young Dutch and local professionals the opportunity to take their first steps in an international environment. The current vacancies, of which four in YEP Agrofood, in Myanmar, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Kenya, are open for Dutch nationals only. »

March 2, 2017Knowledge Portal
Unlocking the potential of non-farm enterprises to reduce rural unemployment in Ghana

This policy briefing by IDS highlights the role of non-farm enterprise sector in the rural economy in Ghana. Non-farm enterprises have been viewed as one of the surest ways of reducing rural youth unemployment in the country. However, despite their potential, limited understanding of the diverse nature of the non-farm enterprise sector has led to policies that do not fully exploit its potential to reduce rural unemployment in Ghana. »

February 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agricultural value chains and their potential for youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

This GREAT Insights Magazine edition of February/March 2017 has a thematic focus on youth employment in fragile countries. It brings together a range of perspectives on the pressing question of how better to promote youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Agriculture is mentioned as one of the most promising sectors in most fragile and conflict-affected environments. »