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Development of two pilot allotment gardens in two cities of Benin
November 14, 2017Research project
Development of two pilot allotment gardens in two cities of Benin

In the framework of the GCP project “Allotment gardens and food security in urban Africa” two allotment pilots are being developed to assess their impact on food security of urban poor. After a long search with the support of local authorities, two sites have been found in Benin, at Calavi and Porto-Novo. »

October 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Urban agriculture

This dossier discusses micro-gardening and urban farming initiatives, which help to address increased pressure on Africa’s food security as urban populations continue to rise. When correctly planned and managed, urban agriculture can provide fresh produce and increased dietary diversity, a source of income, and an opportunity to recycle waste products. »

October 16, 2017Knowledge Portal
Urban agriculture and vertical farming

This article introduces the novel agricultural practice of vertical farming /urban agriculture. This practice can help deliver safe and nutritious food for a growing world population, in environmentally and socially sustainable ways. »

August 30, 2017Knowledge Portal
Urbanization, rural transformation, and food security

This position paper gives policy recommendations to meet the challenge of improving food security and nutrition in the context of changing rural-urban dynamics. Policies and interventions have to adopt an integrated approach to development, dealing with rural and urban regions as part of a unified continuum of food systems. »

July 4, 2017Knowledge Portal
The role of urban-based agriculture on food security: Kenyan case studies

This article characterizes urban farming and urban-based rural farming in two medium-sized towns in Kenya. The article further assesses food security levels of urban households engaged in farming and households that do not farm. »

June 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Assessing the sustainability of vegetable production practices in northern Ghana

Urban vegetable production is an intensive agricultural strategy through which urban dwellers secure income and improve their livelihoods. This article aims to understand whether vegetable gardening is a sustainable form of intensification for urban dwellers. »