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February 28, 2017Knowledge Portal
Assessing the environmental impacts of livestock and fish production

This brief by the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish introduces different streams of work to develop and test tools to assess the environmental impacts of livestock and fish production in developing countries. As demand for livestock products continues to grow, driven by rising population and dietary shifts, there is an urgent need to develop strategies to reduce the environmental footprints and GHG emission intensity from livestock. The first step in this process is to develop tools to estimate potential impacts of such strategies. »

January 16, 2017Knowledge Portal
Prioritizing climate-smart agricultural land use options at a regional scale

This article in the Agricultural Systems journal, describes a spreadsheet-based methodology that generates information about the suitability of climate-smart agriculture based on a region specific production function and ‘target yield’ approach in current and future climate scenarios. The promotion of climate-smart agriculture in different parts of the world requires a clear understanding of its relative suitability, costs and benefits, and the environmental implications of various technological interventions in a local context under current and future climates. Such data is generally difficult to obtain. »

January 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Farming tactics to reduce the carbon footprint of crop cultivation in semiarid areas. A review

This article in the Agronomy for Sustainable Development Journal reviews farming tactics to reduce the carbon footprint of crop cultivation in semiarid areas. The authors present seven key farming tactics that are proven to be effective in increasing grain production while lowering carbon footprint »

December 13, 2016Knowledge Portal
Building Africa’s great green wall: Restoring degraded drylands for stronger and more resilient communities

This publication by FAO presents efforts by FAO and partners on mapping the intervention area of the Great Green Wall initiative and restoration opportunities based on data gathered through Collect Earth and in support of presenting FAO’s effort at COP22 in Marrakech on 14. November 2016. the great green Wall for the sahara and the sahel initiative is Africa’s flagship initiative to build prosperity and resilience in over 20 countries around the Sahara. It was built to combat the effects of climate change and desertification and address food insecurity and poverty. »

November 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Gender dynamics in the cattle sector in Central America: A literature review

This literature review by CGIAR summarizes the research published about gender in the cattle sector in Central America. This includes the findings that (1) women lack access to and control over productive resources in the cattle sector and (2) extension services and training do not focus on women, likely because women’s contributions are undervalued. There is an urgent need to fill the enormous knowledge gap on gender dynamics in the dairy and cattle production value chains in the Central America region. »

November 11, 2016Knowledge Portal
Methods for measuring greenhouse gas balances and evaluating mitigation options in smallholder agriculture

This book (PDF) by CCAFS-CGIAR provides standards and guidelines for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and removals in smallholder agricultural systems and comparing options for climate change mitigation based on emission reductions and livelihood trade-offs. The guidelines described in this book are intended to inform anyone conducting field measurements of agricultural greenhouse gas sources and sinks. »