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December 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
How does institutional embeddedness shape innovation platforms? A diagnostic study of three districts in the Upper West Region of Ghana

This article examines the factors that enhance and constrain innovation platforms’ functionality by applying the concept of institutional embeddedness. Innovation platforms have emerged as a way of enhancing the resilience of agricultural and food systems in the face of environmental change. »

October 31, 2017Knowledge Portal
External influences on agro-enterprise innovation platforms in Benin, Ghana and Mali: Options for effective responses

This article discusses external influences on innovation platforms and the options for effective responses. The platforms examined in this paper were conceived as vehicles for facilitating institutional change in support of innovation that benefits smallholders, in selected agro-enterprise domains in Benin, Ghana and Mali. »

August 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Do theories of change enable innovation platforms and partnerships to navigate towards impact?

This working paper examines how theories of change (ToCs) have enabled practitioners to navigate towards impact in settings characterized by a multiplicity of views from different actors on issues of joint concern. ToCs are increasingly used to articulate pathways for interventions and to support learning. »

August 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Bringing farmers into the game: Strengthening farmers’ role in the innovation process through a simulation game

This article in the discusses the participation of farmers in knowledge co-production within multi-stakeholder settings. While farmers are recognized as equally weighing sources of innovation in the Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) framework, their participation in knowledge co-production within multi-stakeholder settings such as innovation platforms is still often limited. »

July 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Integrated agricultural landscape management: Case study on inclusive innovation processes, monitoring and evaluation in Tanzania

This article describes the process, the results, challenges, and lessons emanating from applying integrated agricultural landscape management (IALM) processes in innovation platforms. Integrated landscape management is a process for achieving multiple objectives related to agricultural production, ecosystem conservation, and sustainable natural resource management. »

The what’s, where’s and how’s of Agricultural Innovation Platforms
June 28, 2017Expert opinion
The what’s, where’s and how’s of Agricultural Innovation Platforms

Marc Schut from the CGIAR International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Wageningen University recently published a book with Guidelines for Innovation Platforms. In his blog he highlights the need to think more critically about when, how and in what form Innovation Platforms can meaningfully contribute to agricultural development impacts. »