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dietary diversification

June 13, 2018Knowledge Portal
The role of crop diversification in improving household food security in central Malawi

This paper investigates the influence of crop diversification and other household socioeconomic characteristics on improving household food security in central Malawi. Results show that higher crop diversification intensities are more likely to have a diverse diet. »

March 28, 2018Knowledge Portal
The effect of cash transfers and household vulnerability on food security in Zimbabwe

This article studies the impact of the Zimbabwe Harmonized Social Cash Transfer (HSCT), an unconditional cash transfer, on household food security. Cash transfers are a policy instrument that can help build household resiliency in obtaining access to food.  »

September 13, 2017Knowledge Portal
Diversification for sustainable food systems

This edition of the Greats Insights magazine has a thematic focus on sustainable food systems. The articles seek to address the ‘People, Profit and Planet’ sustainability challenge in food systems, focusing on how greater sustainability and inclusiveness are achievable. »

June 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agriculture, food systems, diets and nutrition in Zambia

This discussion paper describes the potential of agriculture and food systems in Zambia to contribute to improving food and nutrition security. National nutrition and agricultural policy in Zambia recognizes the need to increase and diversify the production of nutritious foods to tackle hunger and improve diets. »

June 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
What drives diversification of national food supplies?

This article sets out to systematically explore what drives the diversification of food supplies (DFS) across countries and regions, and over the course of economic development. A cross-country dataset was constructed and analyzed linking a simple DFS indicator, the share of calories supplied by nonstaple foods, with structural transformation and agroecological indicators. »

February 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Factors influencing nutritional adequacy among rural households in Nigeria: How does dietary diversity stand among influencers?

This artice examined the influence of food consumption diversity on adequate intakes of food calories, proteins and micronutrients among households in rural Nigeria within the framework of panel data econometrics using a nationally representative data. The authors found that substantial proportion of households suffered deficiency of calories, proteins and certain micronutrients. »