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Unique country assessments show direct effects COVID-19 crisis on food systems
July 23, 2020Study
Unique country assessments show direct effects COVID-19 crisis on food systems
Theme: CoP Knowledge

Wageningen University & Research and partners identify major food systems challenges that emerge as COVID-19 measures take hold and affect food security. Country assessments, unique in their syntheses of grounded in-country data and outcomes validated by country expert panels, reveal deep immediate impacts in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali. »

May 15, 2020Knowledge Portal
Impact of Covid-19 on women workers in the horticulture sector in Kenya

This report aimed to establish the impact of Covid-19 on women workers in the horticulture sector. This was assessed with special focus on employment status, living conditions, shifts in household expenses and outlook for the future. A rapid assessment indicates that food security is a major concern mainly due to job losses and increasing food prices. »

May 13, 2020Knowledge Portal
The voices of women cooks in food markets in La Paz

This paper (PDF) by Hivos and IIED shares results of research carried out together with women vendors in dining areas of markets in La Paz, Bolivia, guided by interest and concerns of the vendors themselves. Bolivian people’s diets have changed significantly in recent years due to urbanisation, increased purchasing power, and changes in consumer preferences. »

April 8, 2020Knowledge Portal
Global food policy report 2020: Building inclusive food systems

The 2020 Global Food Policy Report focuses on the need to build inclusive food systems, both to ensure that marginalized and vulnerable people enjoy the benefits and opportunities that food systems can bring and to support sustainable development. »

ARF-3 final factsheet: FortiMoringa in Benin
November 6, 2019Research project
ARF-3 final factsheet: FortiMoringa in Benin

PLease download the final factsheet of the ARF-3 project FortiMoringa in Benin. The research consortium shares its end results: for producers, optimal conditions for Moringa leaves production and preservation of Moringa seeds were determined, as well as appropriate cutting height and type of fertilizer that increases leaves yield; for processors, the fortified infant flour formulas and Moringa leaves powder (MLP) were developed. »

August 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Make hay while the sun shines

This working paper discusses the interface between gender and agricultural innovation systems. More specifically, the working paper investigates how gender norms and roles influence social relations between actors in forage innovation systems in rural Afghanistan. »