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ARF-3 final factsheet: FortiMoringa in Benin
November 6, 2019Research project
ARF-3 final factsheet: FortiMoringa in Benin

PLease download the final factsheet of the ARF-3 project FortiMoringa in Benin. The research consortium shares its end results: for producers, optimal conditions for Moringa leaves production and preservation of Moringa seeds were determined, as well as appropriate cutting height and type of fertilizer that increases leaves yield; for processors, the fortified infant flour formulas and Moringa leaves powder (MLP) were developed. »

August 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Make hay while the sun shines

This working paper discusses the interface between gender and agricultural innovation systems. More specifically, the working paper investigates how gender norms and roles influence social relations between actors in forage innovation systems in rural Afghanistan. »

May 15, 2019Knowledge Portal
Gender and agricultural mechanization: A mixed-methods exploration of the impacts of multi-crop reaper-harvester service provision in Bangladesh

This study examined the gendered differences in women’s and men’s involvement in emerging markets for rice and wheat reaper-harvester machinery services in Bangladesh. The study shows that women benefit from managing and sometimes owning machinery services, as well as from the direct and indirect consequences of hiring such services to harvest their crops. However, a number of technical, economic, and cultural barriers appear to constrain female participation. »

GCP-2 factsheet midterm findings: Women Food Entrepreneurs
December 14, 2018Research project
GCP-2 factsheet midterm findings: Women Food Entrepreneurs

Please download the factsheet with midterm findings of this GCP-2 Integrated Project. »

July 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Empowering women in agribusiness through social and behaviour change

A publication series shares the experiences and initial impact of the first round of gender-transformative Household Dialogues conducted in Kenya and Vietnam in 2017. The household dialogue sessions impacted rural women and men in that they are now open to reflecting on and rethinking gender norms. »

Video with results of the soil survey in Kisumu and Ouagadougou
June 27, 2018Research project
Video with results of the soil survey in Kisumu and Ouagadougou

In the frame of the Global Challenges Programme, the research team of the project “Women Food Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso” published a video presentation with research output of study sites in Kisumu and Ouagadougou.  »