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Is linking WASH and nutrition the new math?
January 21, 2019Knowledge activity
Is linking WASH and nutrition the new math?
Theme: Nutrition Security

It is already known that malnutrition is often caused by unsafe water and sanitation . But how can we move from current silo-thinking and establish fruitful (multi stakeholder) partnerships and projects to truly realize the human rights to food, water and sanitation? On January 14, 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a workshop to provide insights into the opportunities for integrating WASH and nutrition, and how the integration can be used and optimized in programmes and projects. »

January 15, 2019Knowledge Portal
The recipe for success: How policy-makers can integrate water, sanitation and hygiene into actions to end malnutrition

This report aims to provide a toolkit to stimulate debate and discussion of the options and opportunities to bring together water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and nutrition policies and programmes. National governments and donors, and both nutrition and WASH actors need to shift mindsets; develop ambitious policies and plans; create effective coordination mechanisms and flexible funding; and share lessons and experiences globally. »

November 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
Financing and public-private partnerships in water, sanitation & agri-food sectors

This exploration discusses the financing of development projects in food security and water primarily form the perspective of the commercial financier. Compared to other sectors, the food security and water sector are not seen as attractive to commercial investors, with as important reason their embedding in the public domain. »