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traditional farming

November 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Tropical soils degraded by slash-and-burn cultivation can be recultivated when amended with ashes and compost

This article tests a selective slash-and-burn agriculture (some trees are intentionally not cut), coupled with compost amendment in the dry region of Madagascar. Slash-and-burn agriculture is considered as a driver of deforestation; the forest is converted into agricultural land by cutting and burning trees. Therefore, the authors propose a reclamation strategy for abandoned fields allowing and sustaining re-cultivation. »

September 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Assessment of traditional African vegetable production in Burkina Faso

Lack of dietary diversity is a key causal factor of malnutrition in Burkina Faso because the population consumes mostly cereals crops. Nutrient‐dense traditional African vegetables provide an excellent means to complement cereal staples for better nutrition, in particular for women and children, as well as for income generation. This study in the Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development characterized the production of traditional African vegetables in Burkina Faso based on a questionnaire administered to 250 respondents. »

April 23, 2015Knowledge Portal
A greener Burkina: sustainable farming techniques, land reclamation and improved livelihoods

This report (PDF) from The Overseas Development Institute (ODI), describes a case study where degraded land in Burkina Faso was brought into productive use through the application of improved traditional farming techniques. Three main factors have contributed to achieving this progress: 1. farmers had valuable local knowledge of suitable and efficient traditional farming methods; 2. »