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sustainable intensification

April 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
Transforming rural livelihoods and landscapes: Sustainable improvements to incomes, food security and the environment

This white paper (PDF) from AIRCA elaborates on the benefits of a landscape approach to manage synergies and trade-offs of sustainable intensification in agriculture. Landscapes encompass a diversity of interactions between people and environment, and between agricultural and non-agricultural systems. Healthy landscapes not only exhibit healthy ecosystems, but also sustain productive agriculture and communities. This paper sets »

April 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Ecological intensification of agriculture – sustainable by nature

In this article (PDF) by Pablo Tittonell, conceptual differences between sustainable and ecological intensification as used in research, development, policy and the industry are examined. Particular focus is on the balance between agriculture and nature. The study compares different discourses on models of intensification. »