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May 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
Social protection for enhanced food security in sub-Saharan Africa

This paper identifies several positive synergies between social protection programs and enhanced food security and entitlements to food. The author argues that entitlements to food can be strengthened, if social justice principles are introduced to the design and delivery of social protection programs. Examples reviewed include rights-based approaches such as employment guarantee schemes, community-based targeting and demand-driven accountability mechanisms. »

Award for cross-disciplinary academic researches on food
May 26, 2014News
Award for cross-disciplinary academic researches on food

The F&BKP likes to draw your attention to the Premio Daniel Carasso. This international award is for a scientist with new ideas to develop sustainable food and diets. The Premio Daniel Carasso is looking for scientists who are working on innovative and realistic approaches through cross-disciplinary researches in order to develop ‚Äúsustainable food and diets »