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May 4, 2020Knowledge Portal
Reshaping food systems after COVID-19

This blog outlines that all key dimensions of food systems are simultaneously influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore there is a need to better understand their interactions in order to identify a strategic response to reshape future food systems. Hopefully, food systems transformations will enter a new era of policy engagement, international alliances, and multilateral cooperation. »

April 6, 2020Knowledge Portal
Future global pig production systems accroding to the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways

This study analyzed the development of the pig production sector at the scale of world regions, using the IMAGE-Pig model. The results show that due to the growing pork production total feed demand has increased by a factor of two. The sustainability of pig production systems for the coming decades will be based not only on the expected efficiency improvements at the level of animal breeds »

Circular Agriculture in Low and Middle Income Countries
October 16, 2019Study
Circular Agriculture in Low and Middle Income Countries

There is potential for the agrifood sector in low and middle income countries to promote and implement circular agriculture as part of an approach to foster the sustainability of the food system. This would help achieving various sustainable development objectives at the same time. This paper is based on a literature study exploring the concept »

Five more Senior Experts funded in the NL-CGIAR Programme
October 1, 2019News
Five more Senior Experts funded in the NL-CGIAR Programme

Five senior researchers will receive funding in the third assessment round of the CGIAR Senior Expert Programme to spend more time on their CGIAR research and research management in large CGIAR programmes and platforms. The CGIAR, a global research partnership, collaborates with the Netherlands on food security, dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources. »

Call of NL-CGIAR Senior Expert Programme reopened
August 26, 2019News
Call of NL-CGIAR Senior Expert Programme reopened

Senior experts – working at Dutch research organizations and involved in CGIAR research or management – are given the opportunity to spend (more) time on their CGIAR activities. The call to cover part of their personnel costs has been reopened with an adjustment in the domains that can be requested. The deadline for the next assessment round is October 1, 2019. »

March 7, 2019Knowledge Portal
Characterizing diversity of food systems in view of sustainability transitions: Review

This paper presents a framework to characterize the diversity of existing food systems and classify the food systems in terms of their support by mainstream practices. Results of the framework can be used to focus attention on functioning of the food system components and reveal main barriers and promising elements, and can be used in the exploration of potential transition pathways of food systems. »