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June 9, 2020Knowledge Portal
Food as a weapon? The geopolitics of food and the Qatar–Gulf rift

This article puts the concept of ‘food as a weapon’ in historical and regional perspective in the Arabian Peninsula through the lens of critical geopolitics, tracing the securitizing discourses about food security and their intertwining with narratives about territorial sovereignty, nationalism, and essentialist understandings of geography to explain the causes and effects of the food embargo in the ongoing Qatar–Gulf rift. »

First call CoP Markets, Supply Chains and Nutritious foods - May 18, 2020
May 29, 2020Knowledge activity
First call CoP Markets, Supply Chains and Nutritious foods – May 18, 2020
Theme: CoP Markets, Supply Chains & Nutritious foods

The scope of this Food security and COVID-19 CoP is “food value chains from farm to fork, including nutritious foods and reaching the most vulnerable”. In the first CoP call, three potential areas for collaboration were identified: implementation in the field; Policy/advocacy/governance; and Knowledge sharing. »

April 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
How COVID-19 may disrupt food supply chains in developing countries

This blog examines how COVID-19 will affect food supply chains (FSCs) in developing countries. Farm operations may be spared the worst, while small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in urban areas will face significant problems. Governments’ general strategy must be two-pronged: Implement robust public health measures and address food security impacts, particularly income and employment. »

December 4, 2019Knowledge Portal
Gender toolkit

This toolkit showcases ways to integrate gender aspects into supply chain approaches, through nine practical cases. he first section describes practical case examples for ways in which gender has been addressed in sustainability projects. The second section, the gender guide, explores opportunties to integrate gender aspect in different programming steps of projects and inventions. »

ARF-2 final factsheet: DAPIS Benin
October 10, 2019Research project
ARF-2 final factsheet: DAPIS Benin

The ARF project “Agronomic and processing practices for pineapple in Benin (DAPIS)” has recently been finalized; the research team published its final findings in a factsheet. »

May 15, 2019Study
Report “A chain of possibilities”

Fairfood, in collaboration with WCDI and supported by the F&BKP, has conducted a scoping study on Blockchain Technology (BCT). The two key objectives to this study were to establish a solid understanding of BCT and the core principles behind BCT cases in the agri-food sector; and to identify good practices, challenges, and limitations of BCT use in agri-food chains that are relevant for LMICs. »